Smart Attendance

Track Attendance, Time, Location

Smart Attendance

Track Attendance, Time, Location

App offers the surest and easiest way to track employee attendance


Field Staff Tracking

Track Attendance & visits of your field employees. Employees visits are recorded with client, location & time details

Immediate Alerts

The Alerts along with emails are reported for late Comers, early Leavers, people on Time off, missed punches, fake location, outside Geofence

Offline Attendance

Track Attendance & Visits even in the absence of internet connection Works with poor network connectivity in remote areas, sea, dense forests, oil rigs etc

35+ Attendance Reports

Quickly view the reports and share them immediately Send the reports in PDF/Excel file from within the App Summary Information at the top

Group Attendance

Select employees in bulk and mark attendance of  multiple employees in one go!

How It Wrks

Checks Identity

Captures Location

Takes Picture

Records Time

Biometric App

Employees can punch Time in & Time out with their Phone no. / Face ID/ QR code & click Selfie. Time & Location will be captured automatically